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Karthikeyan U
Karthikeyan U
Test Engineer.

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Need a blog for distributed testing using docker.

Sir created any blog/video to run jmeter file using docker for distrubuted testing..? in our community or in your you tube channel. If possilble kindly create a video for distributed testing in docker. thanks 

Testing Web RTC application using jmeter

All I need to  perform load test for Web RTC application  (Video sharing/streaming)
By  using Web socket sampler can able to establish the connection but i am not getting actual response.

Do we need to do performance test for few user like below 100

I am having a scenario where its an upload functionality and that excel file contains around 7k row items. where number user going to upload the file is only 10. Do I need to do a performance test for 10 users of the total?

Else it there any other way to do performance test for few users like below 100.


While both uploading and downing my page is getting delayed.

How can I identify the error?

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