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Truclient page loading issue

Facing some issue in trueclient.. Scripts can successfully earlier. But now on one particular page is not loading in trueclient browser during recording.. Any suggestions will be helpful.. ThanksΒ 

Scripting for diff data in TruClient

Hi Naveen,

I am using TruClient protocol. i I have a scenario-

Client A-

Client B-

page loads <1 sec if there are no transactions. If there are any transactions, it is loading for 5-6 seconds to populate the transactions... (More)

Browser Cache in TruClient

Hi Naveen,

How to enable browser cache in TruClient 2020 protocol.

I saw the below post online but looks like that is for older version of loadrunner and the specified option is not available now.

But in runtime settings,... (More) for for Linux LG

Hi Naveen,

I am using loadrunner 2020 community edition trail version in company for TruClient protocol. I want to use Linux as my LG. How to download the required file and link to controller??

I tried to download from... (More)