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Performance Testing
Performance Testing

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Auto Correlate Rules Collection for JMeter

Hi, I am working on to enhance the auto correlation capability of JMeter of my side project JMX Enhancer.

Please contribute the left and right boundaries for the technologies that you have worked by submitting the below form.

Those who... (More)

Design Scenarios

Can we design the scenarios for same application on different controllers?If yes then how do you correlate the results?

Can we integrate jmeter scripts with a java framework and run from there?


1. Can we integrate jmeter script to a java testing framework and run it from there to make performance testing a step in my other UI and API validations?

2.I would like to know how to maintain versions for... (More)

Do we need to do performance test for few user like below 100

I am having a scenario where its an upload functionality and that excel file contains around 7k row items. where number user going to upload the file is only 10. Do I need to do a performance test for 10... (More)