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Micro Focus LoadRunner
Micro Focus LoadRunner

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Provision LG on AWS - Failed to Populate Machine Details

Hi Naveen,

Once again impressive content.

Created new thread here as you suggested. I have two AWS user accounts and both results in same issue.

I am trying to provision LG on AWS with LR Professional 2020. I am facing... (More)

Can we use our own existing AMI to provision new amazon EC2 LGs with Load runner?


I am trying to provision a new LG from Amazon cloud. Load runner shows only 2 default AMIs (Ubuntu and Windows) for provisioning. Attaching image of the two AMIs.

Can we use our own AMI to provision new EC2... (More)

Sambit Nayak
Performance Engineer

LoadRunner Enterprise Application in Performance Center Config

For Performance center configuration of LR  Enterprise machine Do we need to open port i.e, 5876,5878 on localhost machine of LR Enterprise server? Basically How to configure Performance center of LR Enterprise machine?

Sambit Nayak
Performance Engineer

LoadRunner Script issue

Actually i am working on place order script in latest version of LR and web http protocol.While recording it records succesfully of placing the order but while replaying particularly the last request in the script which shows the order details,... (More)