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Apache JMeter
Apache JMeter

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Need to run the 2nd Thread Group after execution of a particular Transaction controller in 1st Thread group in the Test plan

In my Test plan I have added 2 Thread group.

In My first thread group after completion of Particular Transaction controller need to run the second Thread Group.
Is there any ways to pass the time element in the second... (More)

Handling encrypted user details

Hi Naveen,

In one of our applications, the login details are encrypted. There is a parameter called 'str' inside encrypt.jsp request in login transaction which id dynamic. But I am not able to correlate it as it is not present... (More)

I'm facing this issue with responses data as (80 failed to respond) failed error message displayed for the third user, ... to resolve this? Can you Please help.



Introducing `PerfAction for JMeter` - GitHub Action to run JMeter test plans.

✨ Introducing `PerfAction for JMeter` - GitHub Action to run JMeter test plans.

🎉 Leverage `PerfAction for JMeter` GitHub Action to automate your performance test execution when you push a test plan to your GitHub repo.

🆓 It is no... (More)