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Learn, Share, and Repeat for for Linux LG

Hi Naveen,

I am using loadrunner 2020 community edition trail version in company for TruClient protocol. I want to use Linux as my LG. How to download the required file and link to controller??

I tried to download from... (More)

Adding additional vusers in Performance Center

How to add additional vusers while running the load test in performance center?

401 error on LR2020 but 200 on LR12.55!

Naveen , i am validating one service in LR12.55 and jmeter . Both tools giving good response but same LR12.55 script giving 401 error on LR2020 .

Headers I am passing -

  1. Web set socket TLS1.1
  2. web set user (userid,... (More)